The Galloping Skirt Blog has moved!

You’ll now find me back at my first blog at, grazing in nostalgic HTML-ish pastures. Look out for more snippets, half-realised ideas, and maybe a spot of illustration.

And if you’re in need of some nonsense, why not peruse the archives?

You’ll find it’s a bit like a dodgy cheese platter: a place where the glossy beauties of Brillat-Savarin and Époisses mingle happily with cheesesticks, mini Babybel, and those ½ melons studded with Cracker Barrel on toothpicks.

Why not investigate why Your First Draft is Shit (written by me, not Hemingway)? Or the 4 different types of coworking space in Melbourne?

Some culinary delights can be found at CUPPING: The Most Gen Y experience a human can endure and the intriguing Prawns of the Air.

Here’s two full-throated hymns of praise: one to kilts and another about Eartha Kitt, woman of my heart.

You may regard me with disgust after reading Top 10 wrongest crushes: A photo essay of shame, but it may also compel you to blurt out your own dirty secrets.

And the Field Guides to Nerds Parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7. I’ve worked and mingled with them all – from animators to cinema geeks, twitchers and goths. That reminds me that I have to update this series with a fencing one…

Enjoy some old-style blogging!

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