Someone once said I wrote ‘muscular prose’

Say what you like about the anatomy of my style; I deliver copywriting and content strategy that tells great stories, engages clients, and gets your business out there.

Rebecca Stewart copywriter

I get to the point
As much as I love wordy lunatics like Tolstoy, my copywriting is precise and readable. Any online content is optimised for search engines and structured around measurable criteria for your business. It’s short. It bloody works!

My first career was in 2D animation
This makes me an odd beast: a copywriter with a ‘good eye’. From fun blog posts to engaging newsletter articles, I love creating vivid pen-portraits that paint a clear picture in the mind of your audience. My video scriptwriting shows, rather than tells your story.

My editing is ruthless
I want to help you stand out in your industry. So I avoid clichés like the plague (ha!) and will not tolerate phrases like ‘integrated solutions’. Do you want to be original? Is your copy over 5 years old and dotted with sections from Wikipedia? Go back to the first sentence of this paragraph!

My blog has kept me entertained since 2006
It helps pass the long hours at sea, while relaxing in the hammam, or on the battlefield. If you’re after reveries on: fencing, design delights, interesting authors, travels through places like Kyrgyzstan and Burkina Faso, business ideas, or general nerdish glee, then read on here!

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