I’m Rebecca L. Stewart.
I have the interests of a small boy from the 1940s.
I like swordfighting, tall ships, lady pirates, zeppelins, and sci-fi.
When I’m not fighting fictional foes or unfurling imaginary sails,
I am a copywriter and content strategist working in Melbourne, Australia.

Copywriting Melbourne



As a copywriter I help you put one word in front of the other. I’ll articulate your business vision, establish your target audience and competition, and identify your unique selling points.

Copywriting for websites, digital profiles, brochures, blogs, bios, PR releases, newsletter articles, case studies, and video scripts.

Copywriting and content Strategy

Content Strategy

As a content strategist I deliver content that tells great stories, engages clients, and gets your brand out there. I’ll unify your content so it always points back to your business.

Content strategy for positioning statements, workshops, brand strategy documents, and social media campaigns.

Got a story to tell?
Shoot a flaming ‘R’ into the sky or call Rebecca on 0401 169 582 to get your project moving.